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Pricing carbon pollution for clean growth

Canada is now a world leader in the fight against climate change. We are taking action to reduce carbon pollution, spark innovation and create jobs. Putting a price on carbon pollution is one of the most effective ways we have to protect the health of Canadians and create a clean-growth economy.


We’re taking action to fight climate change – right now.

For the first time, the Government of Canada is pricing carbon pollution.

That's the best way to keep our environment clean – and grow a cleaner economy.

Pricing pollution creates incentives for industries to innovate and cut emissions.

That means new, clean tech industries…

Building a strong, clean growth economy…

More middle class jobs…

And cleaner air and water for our families.

It’s time to act now, to protect our planet for future generations.

And putting a #PriceOnCarbon – it’s the right thing to do.


What success will look like

Jean and Lynn

Jean and Lynn live in central Canada. Together, they will start a company that conducts energy audits on homes and helps homeowners install low-carbon energy technologies that reduce reliance on fossil fuels for space and water heating. Incentives for homeowners to install these technologies will come from their province's carbon pricing revenues. Jean and Lynn's company will grow and eventually employ more than 100 skilled tradespeople across the province.

Key facts and figures

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